Meet Laura Busche

Laura Busche

One day I found out that there are almost 1 million Lauras – in the US only. 

I haven't stopped studying the power of branding ever since.

Barriers to entry are as low as ever, competition is fierce, and free trade agreements level the field every day for millions of products and services. People's attention has never been this divided, their demands as sophisticated and their access to information as easy. The marketplace, ladies and gentlemen, is a pretty chaotic place at the moment.

Please slowly repeat that word to yourself: chaotic. 

That's why I've made it my life mission to help others break out of the clutter with a meaningful story that engages human beings, on the long term. Value offers that turn heads and hearts, and take people from where they are now to the place where they want to be. 

Brands: meaningful, lean and powerful. 

Think you're ready? Lets get to work. 



Laura Busche has mentored over 90 startups in lean brand development to generate conversion and growth. She has been a digital marketing mentor for the Colombian government's program for two years, where over 300 entrepreneurs have learned ways to acquire customers while reducing waste. Laura holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from American University in Washington DC and is currently a doctoral candidate in Psychology. Her areas of expertise include consumer research, digital marketing, design thinking and lean branding principles. She is currently writing O'Reilly's Lean Branding book, coming out in 2014. Laura regularly writes about branding and business at She has worked in Groupon, National Geographic and cofounded a digital agency called Ozone Group ( in 2008. In 2013 she was invited by the World Economic Forum to make part of its Global Shapers community. Follow her on Twitter @laurabusche